Get a doctor in

Why it’s better

Your doctor is here

We want to be your family’s first choice for healthcare. When you’re sick or when you’re well, Heal was created to make it easy and affordable to see a great doctor on your schedule.

Dr. Renee Dua

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Open up, it’s your doctor

Because the doctor is seeing you at home, they can review your diet by peeking in your pantry, open your medicine cabinet to see any medication you're taking and understand your habits. This means that they can provide you with better care because they’ll have a more complete picture of your life. This kind of comprehensive care isn’t possible within the four walls of the doctor’s office.

Take all the time you need

After waiting days or weeks to get an appointment with your primary care doctor, you might spend just 5-10 minutes with them. That’s after an average of 22 minutes in the waiting room. Your Heal doctor house call is 400% longer on average at 31 minutes. That’s more time with the doctor for them to get to know you, your health history and provide a comprehensive care plan just for you.

Know what it costs,
every time

You’ll always know what your Heal doctor house call costs before you book it. Heal shows you the cost with your co-pay or the $99 flat fee without insurance. Unlike other healthcare services, Heal pricing is completely transparent so you’ll never be surprised. Heal is in-network with many insurance plans in California. Insurance coverage is coming soon to other states.