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Introducing the World’s First One-Touch Doctor House Call App for Apple Watch

April 24, 2015

I’ve been involved in the mobile industry since its early days, when I was an engineer working on 1.1 gigahertz receiver engines for commercial GPS chips 24 years ago. The explosive growth of mobile technologies, apps and services since then is truly humbling and exciting. Today, we’re at the dawn of yet another era with the release of the Apple Watch. The watch form factor makes on-demand services and information even more easily accessible and available, eliminating the need to reach into your bag or pocket to grab your phone.

We’re thrilled to announce that Heal is now available on the Apple Watch as the first and only on-demand doctor house call app designed specifically for this incredible new device. Part of why we wanted to be on the Apple Watch from day one is our geeky engineer’s pride: If it can be done, it should be done!

More important though is our unending commitment to making it easier to get a great doctor than it is to get a pizza. Every parent knows that from the first moment your child’s forehead seems hot or they throw up all over you, every second counts. Heal is pretty easy to use – even if you have to find your phone in a  room down the hall, or in your bag, or downstairs – but it’s even easier when you just have to tap one button on the watch right on your wrist.

Getting a doctor should be that easy, because having a sick child is hard enough as it is. So now we’re on the Apple Watch. And your iPhone. And soon your Android phone. And if you have none of those, you can use an old-fashioned phone and dial (844) 644-HEAL.

If you’re an early adopter like me, give Heal a try on the Apple Watch. If not, use Heal any way you can when your family needs a doctor. However you use Heal, I guarantee you a great doctor will be at your door in an hour or less, delivering you the best healthcare experience of your life.

Download Heal for iPhone and Apple Watch.

In health and happiness,

Nick Desai
Co-Founder & CEO