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Change how you see the doctor

Here's two new ways.

Doctor House Calls* Our qualified doctors come directly to you. We’re available 7 days a week, 8 am - 8 pm, so you can ditch the waiting room and embrace your living room.
Doctor Video Calls With video calls we can diagnose, write prescriptions, order labs, refer you to specialists and more. Our friendly doctors take time to listen so you’ll never feel like you’re on mute.

*House calls are an option for patients who aren’t currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Our doctors will also ensure your safety by wearing masks, eye gear, disposable gowns and sanitizing thoroughly before and after each visit.

6 reasons to

Heal at home.

Experience quality doctors Our licensed, qualified doctors are highly-experienced at delivering healthcare in home and they’re never rushed to see more patients like in a typical office.
Avoid Germs A waiting room has millions of germs. Your living room only has yours. So why risk going to the doctor’s office when we’ll bring them to you?
Get peace of mind We understand how stressful it is to be a parent. Knowing your kids can be seen with same-day appointment availability gives you one less thing to worry about.
Fill prescriptions The doctor is in and going all the way to the office just to get a prescription filled is out. We can review medication and keep you on your current plan.
Find senior care It’s hard to get to the doctor and the wait times can be long. We take the trouble out of the experience by coming to you and always practicing patience with patients.
Try teletherapy Mental health has never been more important, and safe, secure teletherapy appointments let you get help fast. Our Heal psychologists listen just as well from your couch as theirs.


the doctors.

Our licensed, qualified doctors bring years of experience and training directly into your home. They joined Heal to provide more in-depth care and because they truly believe in our vision for the future of healthcare at home.

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