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"I've had my second visit today. These guys are awesome! They are super qualified professionals and do a great job. Both teams of doctors and nurses were really nice and professional. This is the future of medicine! I recommend it to anyone!"

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Jacob P., 8/3/17


"What a remarkable service! Fabulous, caring physician! He was thorough, compassionate and easy to understand. He explained everything in layman’s terms. He was on time and took his time. I would call Heal again anytime. They provide a much needed and appreciated service."

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Phyllis D., 3/2/19

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"We just had our first experience with Heal and it was incredible. The doctor and physician’s assistant were amazing. They brought all the tools they needed with them and were incredible at helping our 5 year old daughter. We were worried about having to go to an urgent care clinic at night and expose our child to more illness, and the Heal staff were outstanding. We look forward to using this service in the future and would highly recommend it to everyone"

A4632dc D., 1/9/20

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"I have used Heal twice now. Once for a physical and vaccines for my son and again for a rash. I had a great experience both times! The doctors were great and punctual. They were very thorough and talked to us about nutrition as well as I was concerned about my sons eating habits. I don't have health insurance so the price was even better!"

Esmerelda C., 11/14/18

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"My daughter had been up all night in agony. The Heal pediatrician and nurse arrived on time, were both extremely friendly and knowledgeable, quick and efficient. I can’t imagine waiting for an appointment, driving there, etc ever again! Doctor had her prescription within an hour and is already feeling better! Easy to use app and great text and email follow up too. Definitely use Heal!"

Whoisaj1983, 5/1/18

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"The doctors appointments are unbelievably thorough. Our doctors and nurses have been so thoughtful in helping my family and me when we've been sick. My kids are so much more comfortable in our own house and I don't have to worry about them touching things in the germ-filled doctor's office/waiting room. I don't ever want to go to a regular urgent care again."

Diana B., 11/8/18

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"This was my first Heal experience, and I’m so impressed. They were at my home within one hour, with a physician, a nurse, and a tech. They were professional, efficient, and caring. Within 20 minutes, they had diagnosed my viral illness, told me what meds to take, and they were on their way. It was so much more convenient than driving when I felt horrible, and waiting for an hour or more with other people who may be contagious. I am SOLD!"

6857634396545, 2/16/19

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