See the same doctor again.

Introducing Heal Preferred Doctor

A Preferred Doctor is a Heal Doctor of your choice who gets to know you and your health history.

You know your Preferred Doctor. Your Preferred Doctor knows you.

As you experience life changes, have the same Preferred Doctor by your side who knows the nuances of your health, reactions to medications, and lifestyle.

Only tell your story once.

Share your health history the first time you meet. Then build your health future together.

Choose a Preferred Doctor for each family member.

There’s a Preferred Doctor to meet the health needs of everyone in the family, including pediatricians, internal medicine, and family practitioners.

How it works

Choose your Preferred Doctor

See their schedule when you book

Experience relationship-based care

Get to know your Preferred Doctor ahead of time

Learn more about your Preferred Doctor’s background by reading their bio and watching a video.

See your Preferred Doctor’s schedule first

Every time you book a Heal visit, you’ll see your Preferred Doctor’s earliest availability.

You can still book on-demand

You can still book a visit with the first available caring, qualified doctor.

The same doctor cares for your cold and your cholesterol

Primary & preventive care

Well child care

Urgent care

Chronic condition management

Aaron M.

It was the first positive, transparent experience I've had with a primary care doctor in over ten years. For the life of me, I can't figure out why I would go a doctor's office again.
Teresa F.

The physician that came to see me was so thorough she discovered something about ten doctors had missed over many years.

Experience relationship-based care

Patient perspective "I’m now able to select my favorite Heal Doctor as my Preferred Doctor and be seen by him every time I book a house call. It’s the same level of convenience, but now I have the comfort of knowing that the doctor coming to my home already knows me." - Kevin

Doctor perspective "That I could be the house call doctor in my community delivering unhurried, quality care to patients with whom I have long lasting relationships is the reason I became a doctor and why I joined the Heal platform." - Dr. Robert Kakehashi, MD

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