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Heal makes doctor’s visits with your child easy and brings you peace of mind. Now you can book an appointment to have a board-certified pediatrician to your door, sometimes in as little as 2 hours.

COVID-19 Procedures

Your safety is our priority

Our medical practice adheres to all COVID-19 CDC health and safety protocols. Our medical teams wear full PPE, monitor symptoms twice daily, and fully sanitize all equipment between appointments.

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365 days a year, 8 am – 8 pm.

Doctor House Calls

Same day appointments are available

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Licensed pediatricians near you.

Give your kids the kind of care they’ll love and you’ll trust. When you book with Heal, you’ll be able to select a pediatrician that meets your family’s exact needs. We work with male and female pediatricians of all backgrounds and experience levels. All of our doctors are locally based, and ready to meet your family in-home or via a telemedicine appointment, so you can rest easy knowing your kids will be feeling better, sooner.

Urgent care when your child needs it.

Fevers or other medical concerns can't always wait for a doctor’s appointment, and getting your sick child to an office can be hard for them (and you). Our pediatricians are able to handle everything your local urgent care can, right from the comfort of your own home.
Peace of Mind When your child is sick or not feeling well, you need answers quickly. Heal can schedule same-day or weekend pediatrician house calls so your child can feel better faster, helping you rest easier.
Convenient Busy family schedules can make getting to the doctor’s office during the week challenging. That’s why we have doctor house calls and telemedicine appointments from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week. Weekend and same-day appointments available.
Quality Our team of compassionate, qualified doctors bring the care to your kids, not the other way around. They will bring all the medical equipment they need to your home, to ensure your child gets the best care possible in comfortable surroundings.

Exams, physicals, vaccinations,
flu shots and more.

Comprehensive care for every developmental stage, from newborns to age 21.
Whether you need a well-child exam to make sure their health and development are on track or help with a flu and fever, our compassionate pediatricians are ready to see your child, all from the comfort of your home.

Well-Child Exam and Vaccinations From their first moments to their teenage years, our Well-Child exams include a complete physical, developmental monitoring, and all required vaccinations. Heal is the perfect choice to be your child’s primary care physician.

Sick Child Exam

When your child gets sick, turn to care you trust and get them back on their feet sooner by scheduling an in-home or telemedicine appointment.

School, Camp, and Sports Physicals Heal pediatricians can provide the school, camp, and sports physicals often required for enrollment to any child ages 6 years and up.

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