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On a Friday night while he and his husband were still at work, their babysitter called concerned that their son needed to go to urgent care. With the Heal app on his phone, Chad requested a pediatrician to his home while he was still at his desk.

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She tried to get an appointment with her pediatrician, but was dismayed when they told her there were no more appointments available for that day. Not wanting to wait, Priya did some online searching and discovered Heal. Within an hour, a doctor arrived at her door.

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Instead of having to travel over 30 minutes to his doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, Kevin simply had to tap a button to request a doctor to come to his home. Within an hour there arrived a smiling physician who proceeded to examine Kevin’s sick daughter

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Jennifer is excitedly prepared for her life to get even more chaotic with the arrival of her daughter. The benefit to having Heal in her pocket is the constant reassurance that a dedicated doctor is only a tap away.

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When he’s not working on his business, he’s exercising - lifting weights, running for miles, and playing sports. With Andre’s "never give up mentality" it was no surprise that on one of his runs he overexerted himself and hurt his knee.

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The idea that a doctor can come straight to her home puts her at ease. That’s important when every other aspect of Nicky’s day is completely overrun with anxiety-provoking obligations.

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