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Lower costs and increase access with Heal

Relationship-based, technology-driven doctor house calls and on-site care for leading employers.

For employers
For health plans


House calls

House calls

On-site <br> preventive care

preventive care

Annual flu <br> vaccine clinics

Annual flu
vaccine clinics

Reduce avoidable ER costs

Educate employees and avoid the nearly 71% of emergency room visits that are unnecessary and 
could be treated by a doctor on Heal.

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Increase primary care access

Whether it’s on-site at the office or in the comfort 
of their home, Heal makes it easy and accessible for employees to build long-lasting relationships with their doctor to effectively manage their health.

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Low / no-cost Implementation

As an in-network benefit, Heal’s low-cost, low-barrier implementation is an opportunity to make a big impact on your bottom-line.

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Primary care <br> delivery network

Primary care
delivery network

Custom plan offerings 
<br> & provider networks

Custom plan offerings 

& provider networks

Fee-for-service <br> or value-based <br> care contracts

or value-based
care contracts

Integrated case <br> management

Integrated case

A commitment to value

At Heal, we believe in putting patients first. 
Heal offers value based care opportunities that 
put access, integration and quality at the forefront 
of everything we do.

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Increase access
 for members

Expand access to primary care for members 
with a broad service area designed specifically 
for your population.

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Innovative network opportunities

Offer members next-generation, custom provider networks leveraging Heal’s delivery model and extensive base of primary 
care physicians.

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