Share health records with your Heal doctor

Bringing hospital records to house calls

Health Records on iPhone makes it easier than ever to share clinical health records from multiple sources with a Heal doctor.

Works with Apple Health

A new era of coordinated care

Seamless sharing

Say goodbye to paper. No more piecing together your health history from one doctor to the next. Now with Health Records your Heal doctor has a complete picture.

Complete care coordination

A licensed-physician from Heal compares hospital health records to prescriptions in home cabinets and identifies fall risks to create a personalized, preventive care plan.

How it works

  • Connect to Health Records

    Keep track of your clinical data from multiple hospitals and clinics.

  • Share with your Heal doctor

    Your Heal doctor arrives at your door knowing your full medical history.

  • Experience coordinated care

    The invaluable insights from a home visit, combined with records from the hospital, inform an unprecedented level of care.

Download the Heal app & book a house call

How to add health records

Go to the Health app on your iPhone and select the Health Records option to connect to hundreds of hospitals and clinics. Your electronic medical records are transferred to your iPhone through an encrypted, industry standard platform.

Step-by-step guide     Supported health institutions

How to share your health records with Heal

Use the Heal app for iPhone to book a house call and grant access to your Health Records.

Your data remains secure on Heal’s HIPAA compliant, fully-encrypted servers.

How health records empower your Heal doctor

Whether you’re booking an annual physical or a follow-up after a hospital stay, your Heal doctor has a more complete picture of your health.

Impacting real lives and real care

Patient perspective "To have my Heal doctor be fully aware of my history, conditions, and choices in my own home saves my time and allows me to spend my energy getting answers instead of remembering my questions, which happens all too often in a ten minute office visit." Bita

Doctor perspective "Knowing a patient’s history in detail allows me to plan, process and ensure progress in a patient's care plan. It avoids unnecessary testing, duplicated efforts and generally sloppy care when the focus should be the patient's time well spent to better health." Dr. Renee Dua, MD

Heal is your family doctor in your family room.

  • Health begins at home

    By visiting you at home, your doctor gets a picture of your life. Ask questions about what’s in the bathroom drawer or even the fridge–things you might forget in a doctor’s office.

  • There’s more time for care

    You choose an appointment time: 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your doctor isn’t rushed-there’s plenty of time to talk and to develop a plan of care.

  • Costs are clear & simple

    No surprises, no bills. Covered by many insurance plans. See your cost before you book. 100% up-front price transparency.

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