Music blaring. Sweat pouring. Muscles clenching. You’ve definitely entered Noelle’s Pilates studio in Pacific Palisades, CA. Her clients have come to expect the best possible workout from Noelle, who begins teaching classes at 6am, working until the last body leaves her studio. With her trusted K9 sidekick by her side, she is a veritable machine when it comes to toning and tightening.

With so much of her time dedicated to running a successful small business, Noelle does her best to make time for herself. Whether it’s dinner with friends or hiking the Topanga trails, she’s always up to something.

Treating everyday with that go-go-go mentality can be draining, though. After a few particularly tough weeks, Noelle was finding herself incredibly run down, unable to shake an awful head cold. Following her tech-savvy assistant's advice, Noelle downloaded the Heal app and used it to request a doctor. Noelle noted that as someone "not so great with technology" she found herself surprised at how intuitive and simple the experience was.

Between classes, she was able to discuss what was going on with her doctor. After the visit, she said, "Heal saved me from having to put my work – and life - on hold." Now, Noelle knows that even with her non-stop schedule she can always count on Heal to be there when she needs it most.