The only mode for Nicky is "on" now that she’s a new mom to gorgeous baby Charlotte. Contending with dirty diapers, feedings, and unprovoked crying fits are all part of her daily duties. Parenthood is definitely only for the brave.

Like any new mom, Nicky makes sure she’s on high alert when monitoring her baby’s health. After Charlotte seemed to be experiencing some congestion, Nicky decided to call a doctor to her home using the Heal app. The doctor gave the baby a thorough examination before concluding that the symptoms reflected a diagnosis of "new mom worries." Charlotte was perfectly healthy, but it was a relief for Nicky to have that reassurance from a trusted physician.

Nicky recognizes one of the exceptional benefits to using Heal as, "not having to leave the house with an infant who is susceptible to germs," putting her in harm’s way. The idea that a doctor can come straight to her home puts her at ease. That’s important when every other aspect of Nicky’s day is completely overrun with anxiety-provoking obligations. She "definitely doesn’t take Heal for granted."