Scattered around Kevin’s house are signed movie posters from a life around Hollywood, his daughter’s eye-catching artwork and endless pictures of friends and family. His two big dogs are lying on the floor, exhausted from the long walk their master took them on early this morning. You can tell right away that this driven venture capitalist is defined by so much more than his day job. However, the pull of his career keeps him extremely busy. That’s why he’s so grateful to have been introduced to Heal by a friend who had been lamenting about the annoyance of having to travel to see a great doctor.

It really wasn’t until his daughter came down with a terrible sore throat that he realized the enormous convenience consolidated within such a tiny app. Instead of having to travel over 30 minutes to his doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, Kevin simply had to tap a button to request a doctor to come to his home. Within an hour there arrived a smiling physician, dressed in a white Heal-branded doctor’s coat, who proceeded to examine Kevin’s sick daughter.

"The experience of having a medical professional come to your home, allowing you to work on time-sensitive projects while waiting, is invaluable," says Kevin. The savvy businessman is thankful he never has to worry about trekking to a doctor’s office to receive medical attention ever again.