Climbing a personal Mt. Everest, Jennifer is simultaneously about to be a new mom while running her own start-up. Either one of those scenarios would be stressful enough on their own, but the combination of the two means the challenges are magnified exponentially.

To top it off, Jennifer had to contend with a nasty cold that persisted for weeks. She says, "it was really affecting my productivity" but knew there would be little time in her demanding schedule to visit a doctor’s office.

After hearing about Heal from a friend, Jennifer decided it was a perfect solution for her busy life. Jennifer explains, "being pregnant and also starting my own company, I don’t have a lot of time and energy." She used Heal to effortlessly request a doctor to come to her home, allowing her to continue working without having to battle the LA traffic.

Jennifer is excitedly prepared for her life to get even more chaotic with the arrival of her daughter. The benefit to having Heal in her pocket is the constant reassurance that a dedicated doctor is only a tap away.

With what little free time Jennifer has these days, she spends it with her husband keeping fit. The dynamic duo even completed a local half-marathon last year. Everyone should take a page out of their productivity playbook!