By day, Chad is CEO of a fast-growing Los Angeles tech company, but 24/7/365 he’s super-dad to his young son. With time at a premium, there’s always a tricky balance between meetings with investors, managing his team, and still making room for story time.

A typical day starts off with the sound of sizzling pans and clanking silverware as he cooks the perfect breakfast for his son. Then it’s off to the office (only after a several mile walk to get there) where he spends the remainder of the day taking care of business. It’s only after his hundreds of emails are sent and the final phone call is made before Chad heads home for some well-deserved R&R with his family. To take control of his rigorous days, he makes sure to utilize new apps and technology to make his life run as smoothly as possible.

On a Friday night while he and his husband were still at work, their babysitter called concerned that their son needed to go to urgent care. With the Heal app on his phone, Chad requested a pediatrician to his home while he was still at his desk. He packed up his things and made it to his house just in time to meet the physician at the door.

Chad says, "There are just too few hours in the day to get what I have scheduled done, let alone what I can’t plan for ahead of time. That’s why Heal is so great. It allows me to take something off of my plate without sacrificing quality of care. The convenience of having a doctor come to you is invaluable."

For Chad, wasting half a day getting to and from the doctor's office is over. Thanks to Heal, now he can solve the same problem with a few taps on his iPhone.