When you first meet Andre, you can tell he’s an athlete through-and-through. Standing at an impressive 6’8”, his size is only matched by his overwhelming desire to succeed. Growing up with little to his name, he has since founded Tsay Athletics: a lifestyle brand for athletes that provides free glasses and oral care to kids around the Hermosa Beach community.

When he’s not working on his business, he’s exercising - lifting weights, running for miles, and playing sports. With Andre’s "never give up mentality" it was no surprise that on one of his runs he overexerted himself and hurt his knee. He didn’t want to go all the way to the doctor’s office in the peak of traffic (especially when it hurt to even walk) so he requested a doctor on Heal.

The doctor arrived at Andre’s home and gave him a full workup to determine what had happened. "He was so thorough with his examination that I quickly ran out of questions to ask him. He really knew what he was doing." After performing a battery of tests, the doctor knew the best prescription for Andre would be rest.

"My schedule is extremely busy. I just love the convenience factor with Heal. If I can get a board-certified, high-quality doctor to me - it’s a win."