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Protect Those You Love With Heal & CSN

Licensed, caring physicians on demand in your area for pediatrics, urgent and preventive care.

Your Family Doctor, In Your Family Room

The Child Safety Network™ (CSN) encourages the use of Heal for on-demand doctor house calls. Since 1989, CSN has helped parents and grandparents raise safer, healthier children. Now Heal helps make the job easier through its free app.
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The Heal Story

Dr. Renee Dua had the idea for Heal after a long night at the emergency room with her young son. When it was finally over, Renee said to her husband, co-founder Nick Desai:

“There’s got to be a better way. Why can’t a doctor come home and see our family where the kids are most comfortable?”

From there, Heal was born. Whether your child is ill, needs a regular checkup, or took a tumble and needs to be examined, a qualified Heal Doctor will come to your home. Heal house calls are at your convenience, 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. For most patients, the cost of a Heal visit is just your insurance plan’s co-pay; but if not, you’ll pay a flat $159 fee for each Heal house call.

About CSN

Since 1989, CSN has worked diligently to reduce the likelihood of children becoming victims of abuse, abduction, injury and exploitation, with a special emphasis on student and school safety as well as youth violence prevention and intervention. CSN and its volunteers accomplish this by providing child safety educational services, programs, campaigns and resources for children and parents throughout the US. Families are invited to receive free information to help raise safer, healthier children at

We still do house calls, if you really need it

Health begins
at home

By visiting you at home, your doctor gets a picture of your life. Ask questions about what’s in the bathroom drawer or even the fridge – things you might forget in a doctor’s office.

There’s more time
for care

You choose an appointment time: 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your doctor isn’t rushed – there’s plenty of time to talk and to develop a plan of care.

Costs are clear
and simple

No surprises, no bills. Covered by many insurance plans. See your cost before you book. 100% up-front price transparency.