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Tdap Vaccine

Heal will now be offering Tdap as part of our initiative to protect babies from pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Patients can now book a Tdap vaccine at the home, with a 24-hour advance booking on or through the Heal app (ages 18 and up).

The vaccine is intended for infant caregivers (nannies, grandparents, parents, siblings, etc). Siblings who will be welcoming a newborn to their home can receive the DTap or Tdap (depending on age) during a scheduled pediatric visit.  The vaccine records must be available to be reviewed by the Doctor prior to the visit. Please note, children less than 18 years are not able to book this service type. We are unable to offer this service to Medicare/ Medi-cal patients, as Medicare does not permit doctor house calls at this time.

For more information on the vaccine, visit these useful links:

CDC Tdap information

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