"Empowering you to lead a happier, healthier life, Heal is unlike any other healthcare experience you have ever had."

Dr. Renee Dua, Founder, and Chief Medical Officer

Heal's Mission and Vision
Our mission & vision

We offer timely and convenient medical care from caring and qualified doctors in the privacy of your own home. We treat every human being with dignity and respect. We safeguard your privacy as if it were our own. We are transparent in our pricing.

Heal is your family doctor in your family room. We reboot old-fashioned relationship-based primary care using innovative technologies that let doctors be doctors. We do so at fair, affordable prices - often covered by insurance - so quality healthcare is almost never out of reach.

Our founding story

I created Heal after seven hours in an emergency room with my infant son. As a doctor and mother, I shared the frustration of anyone who's ever waited three weeks for a doctor's appointment, sat in a germ-filled waiting room, or rushed to the ER because they had no other choice.

From day one, we decided three rules that we live by to this day. We had to accept insurance and keep prices affordable. Second, to fix medicine for patients, we had to fix it for doctors first. Third, to never sacrifice clinical quality for growth.

150,000 house calls in, and it seems hard to imagine a world without Heal. Because the hundreds of patients we serve each day often include our own kids. We have a long way to go, but we're determined to revolutionize healthcare in America... one doctor house call at a time.

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- Dr. Renee Dua, Founder, Heal Chief Medical Officer

Heal's founding story
Meet our founders
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Nick Desai
Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Renee Dua, MD
Chief Medical Officer

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Greg Drobnick
Executive Vice President
Corporate Development

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Select Heal investors

Heal is proud to have the support of world-class venture capital, private equity and individual investors who believe in our mission and support our vision.

Lionel Richie

Paul E. Jacobs

Robert L. Johnson

Mike Wortsman

Breyer Capital

Fidelity Investments

Inflection Capital

IRA Capital

The RLJ Companies

Slow Ventures

Trans-Pacific Technology Fund

GRC SinoGreen Fund