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Our mission

We want to be your family’s first choice for healthcare. 
When you’re sick or when you’re well, Heal was created to make it easy and affordable to see a great doctor on your schedule.
Dr. Renee Dua
Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Founding story

Heal's founding story
Dr. Renee Dua had the idea for Heal after a scary experience with her then seven-month old son in late 2014. Dr. Dua and her husband Nick Desai took their son to the pediatrician because of a rash. The pediatrician told them to rush him to the emergency room right away.

After waiting over eight hours, they finally saw a doctor who told them that their little boy would be just fine. The rash that they’d originally been so worried about had cleared up.

It was midnight and they were all exhausted driving home, when Dr. Dua said
“There’s got to be a better way. Why can’t a doctor come to my home and see my family where we’re most comfortable?”
From there, Heal was born. Her husband Nick, a serial technology entrepreneur, got to work building the first version of the app. Together, they connected with angel investors who helped get Heal off the ground. The doctors on Heal saw their first patient in February 2015 on the west side of Los Angeles, not far from Dr. Dua and Nick’s home in the Pacific Palisades. They’re proud of the incredible team of doctors, investors, employees and partners that make up the Heal family. The team is working hard every day to bring Heal to millions more families all over the country.

The clinical leadership team

Dr. Renee Dua

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sam Kim

Medical Director, 
Pediatrics, California

Dr. Adam Lowry

Medical Director, 
Pediatrics, Washington D.C.

Board of directors

Michael Wortsman

Executive Chairman

Former President, Univision

Dr. Paul Jacobs

Board Member

Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, Qualcomm

Thomas Tull

Board Member

Former Chairman & CEO, Legendary Entertainment

Ray Mabus

Board Member

75th United States Secretary of the Navy, Former Governor of Mississippi

David Ellison

Board Member

CEO, Skydance